January 20, 2018
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The Macedon Police Department actively pursues grant funding when possible from State and Federal agencies to obtain equipment that would not normally be funded on a local level.

In the past five years, the Macedon Police Department has successfully received in excess of $500,000 in sophisticated communications and surveillance equipment from various Federal agencies. The equipment received is confidential in nature, and is shared with member agencies of the Wayne County narcotics Enforcement Team. Funding has been received from the C.E.D.A.P. and C.T.A.C. Federal grant programs, along with State funding for overtime under the Operation Impact Tools initiative. Funding for a 2005 Police Special Use 2005 Chevy Tahoe 4 x 4 was secured from New York State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio.

Our agency utilizes grant funding only for equipment that will be utilized on a frequent basis, and for equipment that will benefit our community and surrounding agencies when called upon.


1. January 2009- Macedon Police received a grant award notice for a License Plate Reader system from the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services, in conjunction with the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Council. The award is for a high speed plate reader that continually scans vehicle plates for wanted individuals, stolen vehicles, suspended registrations to name a few. The system plays an integral role in any issued Amber Alerts issued locally. The total grant award is for $22,000 dollars, with no cash match to the Macedon community.

2. December 2008- Macedon Police received funding recently from the State of New York to purchase a hand held Laser / Lidar Radar unit. The system will be used in conjunction with the departments aggressive traffic enforcement program. The system is a cost savings to the Macedon community of $2,900 dollars.

3. December 2008- Macedon Police received a grant award notice for military spec binoculars with built in night vision. The grant award is part of the C.E.D.A.P. federal Homeland Security grant program which provides military grade equipment to smaller Police agencies that would not normally be able to obtain budget funding. The grant award is for approximately $15,000 dollars.

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