July 1, 2015
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Most Wanted

Active Warrant List

Belisle, Joseph
Dis Con
Brockman, Chad
Petit Larceny
Brockman, Rachel
Petit larceny
Brooks, Robert J
Obs Gov Admn 2nd
Carroll, Amanda K
Forgery 2nd
Coon, Rachelle R.
Issue Bad Check
Craig, Tyler
Poss Marijuana
Cushman, Katherine C.
Falsify Business Records
Drum, Jamie L.
AUO 3rd
Gilliam, John G.
Agg Harassment 2nd
Hunter, Erick
Isselhard, John
Issue Bad Check
Johnson, Ian
AUO 3rd
Leflore, Lacretia H.
Unlicensed Operation
Maldonado, Charlene
Unlicensed Operation
Marinelli, Noah
Petit Larceny
Mills, Eddie L.
Petit Larceny
Muniz, Oscar L.
Murphy, James A.
AUO 3rd
Nelson, Aderienne
No License
Nelson, Wesley
Unlicensed Operation
Nesmith, Ronnell
Forged Instrument
Nicholas, Mark
Resisting Arrest, Dis Con
Oatis, Shawnee A
Forged Instrument
Powell, Joy J.
Bad Check
Pryzbyc, Jennifer
AUO 3rd
Reith, Steven
Assault 3rd
Scott, Kathy
AUO 2nd
Shepherd, Thad A. JR
AUO 3rd
Weimer, Devin M.
AUO 2nd

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